Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Outsiders is about two gang sides one gang is the dirty side of the city aka greasers & the rich side aka Socs. One day theres a big fight and one kid dies and everything just becomes more worst and they finish this by having a big gang fight and who ever wins cant chill in there hood anymore.

I realy liked this book because it had alot of action and it had some true story moments that happend in my life so i liked this book alot.

First Name: Kevin ruz
Age: 18
Ambition:Professional boxer or soccer player
Plans for the immediate future: Get a job and start making money
Who was the 'Person I admired' this year that I worked on: Muhammed ali i chose because hes a idol of mine and one of my favourite boxers

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1. Do you think the movie of the 'Old ladies who eat dinner and then go to the elevator', called "Fragrance", is a pointless short or an interesting one? If so, why? What do you think about the 'surprise' scene of their gas in the elevator?i found it pretty funny cuz u never see well classed old ladies like that farting lol... i found it funny cuz u would never expect that and it shows that even old ladies fart its a natural thing....

2. Why is the short film of the school/kids/life lesson called "School of life"?cuz it shows u a normal day of life that every kid goes threw in life...

3. If you could change the ending of 'The School of Life', what would it be?after all the running and stufff he goes back to class and the teacher says i have one text left would u like to read it and he says no cuz hes to scared to read it....

4. What genre do you think the short 'What about the bodies' belongs to? Horror, fiction or come
comady? and why? (you can combine genres if needed)i think it was comedy and horror but more comeday cuz it was a killer killing a killer whose killing a killer loll so i wouyld it funny and very weird....

5. If 'Oxygen' (the short about the old lady who has a secret affair with a man on a wheelchair) had young people as its stars, would it have the same effect/reaction on the audience?i find it does cuz if a kid is having sex its normal but if a old man on a wheelchair and a old lady living on the oxygen is just rotten if they have sexx...

6. After watching these shorts, come up with a new idea for a 3 minute short film.its a beautful sunday morning and joe goes for a walk with his dog in the woods and he sees this cow and the cow says good morning and hes just shocked like wat just happend and the dog sayd did u just hear the cow talk and joe just faints right there bc both animals just spoke loll

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

World Cup 2012

I think chile should win the 2012 world cup. I say this beacuse they have a really good team for the wordl cup this year and been training really hard. 2006 u20 world cup teams came and play in montreal and chile went to the semi finals with aregentina and lost 3 0 but they lost to the team that won the finals. So chile has some very talented young players ready to play for the 2012 world cup.


Im a very out going guy and very sporty i play soccer and been training in mix martial arts at jarry gym. Ufc which is mix martial arts and soccer ive always been a fan of both beacuse i like training and going to my max for everything i always like doing a good job. Ufc is basically mix martial arts that u try and learn eever single way of fighting ive been boxing for a year, kickboxing, jijitsu, wrestling and coperia. coperia is basically some really weird way of figthing to confuse ur oppenent and u jsut use ur feet like to kick or smash. Soccer has always beenn my sport since i was 3yrs old i played soccer in a team now and next year im going to seniors AAA and im gonna be getting payed..

Monday, October 6, 2008

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